img_20160927_125511_238The past two weeks I have been posting on twitter articles relating and related to my blog post “MySoccerGirlblog” which circulates around varsity sports, in particular women football as the central them of the blog. The articles which I have identified during my days on twitter are articles by @SasolSA, which is the highest women’s football league in South Africa which comprises of teams from various parts of the country to compete and its one of the leagues UJ women’s football participates in.

 illustrates the trials that were held for female matriculants to join the UJ women first team the following year. Articles on international football league results from @SkySportsNewsHQ    , as my blog primarily is about Football updates, debates, results and activities within the football world. There were various articles from @VarsitySportsSA on my timeliene highlighting netball results and not so much on football aswell as sports motivational quotes for my followers to stay motivated and entertained from  @Sports_Greats #UjAllTheWay .

I got feedback on the articles which I posted on my timeline, there were comments, likes and retweets from individuals and organisations that I had tagged in my posts to raise awareness about women football, results and fixtures. The hashtag which I was using  lured these people to view and interact with my tweets.

In future I will include video clips and more images of the ladies training sessions, games and the stadium which they train and play at and make it more vibrant and interesting.varsity-image



There she goes every morning, afternoon and evening like any other soccer player with her boot bag filled with shin guards, ankle guard, bandage, strappings and all that she needs to survive on the pitch. Shes a girl with dreams of a soccer player, but she doesn’t get recognition. Do you know how hard she works?


They tell her, “it’s just a sport”. But why is it not just a sport when a boy goes out to play the same sport. Same soccer pitch. Same game rules. Same Soccer ball. Same songs. Same passion. Same dream.90 minutes just like a man would play is the same 90 minutes she endures on that pitch. Are there levels to this sport?


But yet shes a girl.She can not have the same recognition.