There she goes every morning, afternoon and evening like any other soccer player with her boot bag filled with shin guards, ankle guard, bandage, strappings and all that she needs to survive on the pitch. Shes a girl with dreams of a soccer player, but she doesn’t get recognition. Do you know how hard she works?


They tell her, “it’s just a sport”. But why is it not just a sport when a boy goes out to play the same sport. Same soccer pitch. Same game rules. Same Soccer ball. Same songs. Same passion. Same dream.90 minutes just like a man would play is the same 90 minutes she endures on that pitch. Are there levels to this sport?


But yet shes a girl.She can not have the same recognition.



  1. I even quited soccer due to negative remarks. Can you imagine being told by your own mother that i want to make myself a man just because I chose soccer over netball. Dreams shuttered by your own parents. anyway I love your blog. and keep it up

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    1. Good afternoon Cee-ne

      Apologies for the late reply.

      Thank you so much for your support and sharing with us your story. I can say this to you , its not easy following a soccer dream as a girl. This is a stereotype we need to eradicate and bring to an end. We should all follow our dreams no matter what they are. Big ups to you too. Stay well.


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